Cohort 3 and 4 NHS Demand and Capacity Management course  
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COHORT 3 & 4
COHORT 3 & 4
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For each cohort, students will be divided into two groups. You must be able to attend all of the mandatory training dates for a specific group.
These dates, as well as the location of these courses, can be found on the associated PDF file available on
Cohort 3
Application closes: 5 Feb 18
Course location: Birmingham
Course Dates: Mar - Aug 18
I understand that the programme is a continuing process. I confirm I am available to attend all selected mandatory training dates and complete all selected mandatory online training and course assignments, as set out in the learner's contract.
Please select the trust you work for from the options in the drop-down menu:
The personal details requested are required to Register you with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and for contact purposes by both ELS and the NHS to inform you of your selection for the course. By completing this area with your details, you are consenting to ELS using these details to register you with the ILM (for certification requirement), for contact purposes and that your personal information will not be used for any other purpose. Personal data collected will be managed in accordance with ELS 030. Data Protection Policy (of which can be provided on request).
Cohort 4
Application closes: 5 Feb 18
Course location: London & Peterborough
Course Dates: Mar - Sep 18
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I work for none of the above organisations, and will provide details of my employer including name, address and postcode.
Cohort 4 Group B
Available for all Cohorts/groups
Cohort 3 Group A
Cohort 3 Group B
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Cohort 4 Group A