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Submission of days worked to Explosive Learning Solutions Ltd.
Please use this survey to record your days worked this week for submission to ELS for payment. This is for 1 calendar week & One Project only i.e. if you worked 2 separate projects in one week we will need 2 submissions.
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Commercial Professionalism Programme (TOF001)
Contract Mechanics (TOF011)
Des Adv Cost and Price (TOF005)
Des International and Strategic (TOF002)
Des Lead and Managing Change (TOF004)
Des Strategic Supply Chain (TOF003)
Harris Starter
Limitation of Liability (TOF017)
Masterclass CCM (TOF007)
Negotiation (TOF006)
NHS Demand and Capacity
QinetiQ - EOLv2 to EOLv3
QinetiQ Redesign
Sourcing Mechanics (TOF013)
University of Wolverhampton